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A home for Kundalini Yoga is now officially on the Westside. The studio features all of the beautiful details that have become a signature of Golden Bridge; such as bow truss ceilings, plenty of natural light, wood imported from India, and the cozy feeling of family and community. Located in the heart of Santa Monica, just a short walk from the beach and the Santa Monica Pier, we invite you to check out our beautiful boutique, filled with the latest fashionable yoga apparel, eco-friendly gifts, spiritually inspired jewelry, books and more. After class you can sit with your teacher and friends on the community couch and enjoy a cup of tea. The mission of Golden Bridge is that when you leave you feel light, bright and radiant, going back into your world to share your greatness!









What Golden Bridge Yoga Students Are Saying . . .

  • I LOVE you Golden Bridge!

    ~ Brenda N
  • Sat Nam, Golden Bridge has been a haven for me and my family for over 10 years.
    A place we can come practice yoga and be in touch with ourselves. Thank you. Blessings.

    ~ Leon S.
  • I love Golden Bridge because of the positive and welcoming energy... and Azita's class is amazing!

    ~ Amanda S.
  • Great teachers, welcoming and pleasant customer service. Golden Bridge Yoga is home.

    ~ Maricor F.
  • I love each class I have ever taken and the studio has such an inviting feel about it.

    ~ Stephanie-Levaton C.
  • Kundalini Yoga has dramatically changed my life and of the 3 studios I tried, Golden Bridge just feels like home.
    I LOVE the teachers and their different styles that speak to their intuitive approaches to class. Sat Nam!

    ~ Sara H.
  • I think Golden Bridge Yoga is extremely efficient in the delivery of their yoga offerings, from the daily/weekly schedule
    of yoga classes to the many workshops and other events offered throughout the year. I think the entire Golden Bridge staff,
    from the teachers to the front desk are kind, available and helpful, and this creates a feeling of inviting karma for everyone
    that visits Golden Bridge Yoga. I also am gratified that GB is kept very clean and tidy. Thank you for your very good work!

    ~ Mike O.
  • Very welcoming and nurturing vibe as soon as you walk through the door. I love the prenatal classes and teachers I've had so far
    and have found an increase in my energy levels, calmness and am free of back pain that has been troubling me for months. I am hooked!

    ~ Jessica S.
  • I had the most amazing class. I left feeling inspired, rejuvenated and like a new energy had overcome me.
    I signed up via class pass. I plan to come back and plan to pursue more Kundalini Yoga! What a magical experience.

    ~ Sarena S.
  • I am so glad Golden Bridge is in Santa Monica. it is very close to my work and I can attend once a week classes.
    The yogis who work there are so wonderful and I adore the positive vibes. I have told every person I know about
    Golden Bridge Santa Monica & I thank you for having this location and being so wonderful. Sat Nam.

    ~ Simra T.
  • The convenience of being able to do Kundalini Yoga in Santa Monica!

    ~ Ed W.
  • The warmth and lovely energy of the studio, the kindness of the staff. I felt incredibly welcomed.
    I've never felt so fully embraced by a yoga studio- and by every person that worked there.

    ~ Cary G.




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