Hari Narayan Noth

Hari Narayan teaches Kundalini Yoga in a compassionate and encouraging way. She challenges students physically to help them find the strength of their spirit and the courage to listen to their heart.

With her guidance, she reminds her students to feel the flow of their breath through all of the postures . And with her reverent stories, she infuses her classes with her healing, humor, and love.

Hari Narayan was blessed to meet Gurmukh in Costa Rica in 2001, and she was transformed by her first Kundalini Yoga experience.

She then moved to Los Angeles from Chicago in 2003 to complete her Kundalini teacher’s training at the original Golden Bridge on Poinsetta Street. Hari Narayan loved doing seva there and felt she found her home in Los Angeles with Kundalini Yoga at Golden Bridge. She studies the teachings of Yogi Bhajan through classes, workshops, and Level II teacher’s trainings with great dedication.

Hari Narayan carries White Butterfly Medicine Healing through profound Shaman, Eagle Woman and she brings her medicine into her treatments and classes.

She has often incorporated Aromatherapy into her Kundalini Yoga classes. Hari Narayan is the creator of Heart Potions, offering: Healing Facials, Raindrop treatments, aromatherapy perfumes and handmade skincare. Please visit www.heartpotions.com or my etsy store for a complete list of my Heart Potion products.

Hari Narayan Noth is currently not instructing any classes.