Francesca (Liv Preet) Aster

Francesca was certified as a Kundalini Yoga & meditation instructor in 2001 at Golden Bridge Yoga in Los Angeles, studying under world renowned teacher Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. She teaches at Golden Bridge Yoga & in the past at Kol Ami Sanctuary. She also conducts private one-on-one classes as well as small groups. Prior to Kundalini certification, Francesca practiced various types of Hatha yoga for over 10 years.

As a Registered Nurse, board certified in pain management since the early 1980's, she has spent many hours at the bedside of terminally ill patients guiding them through meditation and relaxation breathing. Her passion is palliative care and hospice, and operates Soulfulpassing4PAWS, going into the homes of pets who are transitioning, and offering guided meditations, relaxation breathing, gentle yoga postures, loss & grief & the process of letting go for the owners who are experiencing the loss of their beloved pets.

Francesca is dedicated to teaching this ancient practice of Kundalini Yoga. With an open heart of love and compassion, she brings to students the art of transformation. Delving deep into the body, mind and soul, she guides others on their journeys to find their truth and live it fully.

Francesca (Liv Preet) Aster is currently not instructing any classes.