Normandie (Dharam Prakash) Keith

Normandie Keith Dharam Prakash Kaur, Star White Buffalo Woman has always been a seeker. She has lived all over the world as a model. She parlayed her love of truth and beauty into a journalistic career as Beauty Editor for YOU Magazine in London, England. During her seven years of writing for the magazine, her columns focused on helping women to radiant their inner beauty and light. Teaching her readers to project their true essence into their daily lives so that their presence heals. She developed a line of skin care and body products, as well as designed shoes and handbags for 600 stores in Europe. All these designs were accoutrements to help bring out one's best self. Her spiritual quest involved journeys into Kabbalah, Buddhism, Shamanism, the Native American culture, Judaism, and Catholicism. She finally found her home when she landed at Golden Bridge Yoga in California where she discovered her true calling of being a Kundalini Yoga teacher. Golden Bridge provided her with the teachings of the Master Yogi Bhajan and her life is now dedicated to elevation and being of service to all. Normandie specializes in prenatal and women's classes, helping to unlock that divine grace that lives in us all. Normandie's mission is to give all men and women the tools in which to live powerfully, peacefully, purely, radiating health and happiness in this Aquarian age.

Normandie (Dharam Prakash) Keith instructs the following:
  • Women's Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
  • Yogi Bhajan, master of Kundalini yoga and the Mahan Tantric dedicated his life to uplifting the consciousness of humanity. He was specifically interested in the women's cause . Upon arriving in America was appalled to hear women referred to as "chicks" and commited through his teachings to transform us to "eagles". His mission was to raise us to our rightful status which in his words was nothing less then the "Grace of God ."
    The Wednesday women's class at Golden Bridge is a sanctuary of sisterhood. In this pure, safe space the extraordinary teachings that bring us deeply into consciousness are shared. Through Kriyas and meditations that have been designed specifically for women we find our strength, our divinity our Sat Nam.
    " The noble woman is the goddess which Almighty God worships. It is the altar to which God bows. It is the Grace which produces Gods soul. It is the ultimate infinity of a virtues. It is the power of kindness and blessing of God, the noble woman is the essence of all prayers. What else do you want? I have said it all. "