Saetha Evans

Saetha was raised in a tradition of modern dance and yoga. As a child she played on the studio floor of her mother’s dance company, and grew up practicing yoga. Saetha now focuses her time training clients in corrective alignment and injury rehabilitation, teaching prenatal yoga, and as a birth and postpartum doula. She has worked with women and their bodies for fourteen years, has been a doula for four years, and has been on the journey of yoga for most of her life. With a specific knowledge of anatomy and the physiology of pregnancy and birth, Saetha teaches women to access an intuitive attunement to their bodies. In her classes, Saetha combines meditation and yoga enabling women to connect with their bodies and discover their own strengths, and the joy inherent in the process of pregnancy and birth. She invites women to explore free movement and Khalsa Way prenatal yoga as a way to empower themselves, and believe in their ability to have the births they want.

Saetha Evans is currently not instructing any classes.