A Winter Solstice Poem by Yogi Bhajan

Winter Solstice is a time when the electromagnetic field of the earth and the flares of the sun are changing. We are part of this change, our bodies and our minds. The inner fire starts to dim and we can choose to go within to cultivate what we hold inside. It is a special and sacred time to be in a restorative and nurturing space. Read More

Sharing Beyond the Screen

I go on my social media and all I see is sad news about the world. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that people care enough to share this stuff. I am hopeful because it seems as though people are starting to wake up and realize that humanity needs to shift. But it is also important to be reminded (me included) that “sharing” on social media is only one very small part of the solution. The bigger part is getting out of our own lives more often and helping those in need. Not just our friends and family, but the beings that extend beyond our circle. Read More

Digesting the Holidays

Feeling the discomfort of digestion that just isn’t working well: bloating, sluggishness, constipation or heart burn? Are you unsure of what to eat and how to find balance with your digestion? Many people struggle with various types of digestive upset and in Ayurveda, (the ancient East Indian science of medicine and lifestyle) digestion is key to complete health and wellbeing. Digestion is both mental and physical; one’s ability to process experiences, emotions and past traumas greatly effect the body and especially the stomach. Read More

Ayurveda and Kundalini Yoga: The Perfect Combination

Have you noticed when something goes off balance in your body you look outward for advice or help? Do you find you have no idea what to do when you get the sniffles, digestive upsets or the occasional sleepless night? These are important questions to ask your self. If you are not tuned into the inner workings of your individual body, these questions will have you lost. The beauty of Kundalini Yoga is in its dynamic ability to make a person totally aware of their body and mind. Without awareness we become oblivious to the fact that we can be the “masters of our domain”, the “masters of our mind and body”. There is no reason for confusion other than the total disillusionment that we have no control over our health and wellbeing. Read More

I am the light of my Soul. I am the essence in the depth of my heart

Life has an interesting way of offering us the opportunity in every moment to grow, move, shift and open. It is not human nature to remain “in a box” as they say. No, this is not the way humans live a happy, joyous life. We must learn to become limitless in the way we are open, in our love and in the way we receive. Read More

July Numerology Forecast by Nam Hari

The month of July requires us to pause amidst the chaos of life, and retreat to a place of sanctuary. The number 7 represents the issues of personal space, elevation, and the intellect. Additionally 7 is the Aura, which is the electromagnetic field surrounding our body. Because of the stress level on the planet right now, we need to take a time out. Only then will we correctly discern and navigate the second half of the year. Even in the Super Bowl sporting event there is a half-time! Read More

“When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.”

“I don’t want to react that way anymore.” seems to be the theme these days. The mantra of “I want to be better, more aware”. Old patterns of reacting to situations are becoming tiresome and overwhelming. A “justified” reaction to someone else’s “justified” comment no longer feels right but instead weighs heavy on the heart. Read More

June Numerology Forecast by Nam Hari

The month of June brings to light our innermost longings and desires, along with the awareness of where we feel blocked or thwarted in our emotional fulfillment. The number 6 (June) represents the issues of love, family, justice, and protection. There will be an overwhelming revealing taking place at this time, and what is being revealed is where we lie to ourselves in order to survive. It is certainly not fun when someone else lies to us; there is understandable disappointment and frustration. However, there is an entirely different dimension of emotional fallout when we have to stare at the cold hard truth of how we have been fooling ourselves all along. The internal dialogue to this might sound something like, “I always blamed my mother/father for my drug addiction, but now at 45 years old I can see that it’s my own lack of self respect that keeps me in this vicious cycle.” To have this type of awakening can actually be devastating, as it shifts the blame/anger cycle back to yourself. Read More

Connections beyond your dreams

If we ever needed community it is now, a deep-rooted connection to the living beings around us and beyond. People are longing for connection and the experience of love that breaks the limitations, that is pure and real. Marriage, partnership, friendships, un-expected acquaintances… they are more than the verbal expression of commitment, they are the manifestation of spirit to experience what it is to love and be loved. Our world is calling for people to come together to heal this planet. Read More


I serve you, you serve me, let us serve together. A friend once shared a sweet story with me; at the time when she was considering committing and starting a life with her now Fiancé, she thought of all the things that she liked about him and the things that were perhaps not ideal. She sat with these thoughts and meditated on her life and her past relationships. She finally came to a conscious realization and asked herself, “do we as a couple serve each other?” “and in serving each other, are we supported to serve humanity?” As she sat with this question, a joyous “YES” melted her heart and she became clear. In that moment those words were all she needed. Read More