Connections beyond your dreams

If we ever needed community it is now, a deep-rooted connection to the living beings around us and beyond. People are longing for connection and the experience of love that breaks the limitations, that is pure and real. Marriage, partnership, friendships, un-expected acquaintances… they are more than the verbal expression of commitment, they are the manifestation of spirit to experience what it is to love and be loved. Our world is calling for people to come together to heal this planet. Read More


I serve you, you serve me, let us serve together. A friend once shared a sweet story with me; at the time when she was considering committing and starting a life with her now Fiancé, she thought of all the things that she liked about him and the things that were perhaps not ideal. She sat with these thoughts and meditated on her life and her past relationships. She finally came to a conscious realization and asked herself, “do we as a couple serve each other?” “and in serving each other, are we supported to serve humanity?” As she sat with this question, a joyous “YES” melted her heart and she became clear. In that moment those words were all she needed. Read More