I serve you, you serve me, let us serve together.

A friend once shared a sweet story with me; at the time when she was considering committing and starting a life with her now Fiancé, she thought of all the things that she liked about him and the things that were perhaps not ideal. She sat with these thoughts and meditated on her life and her past relationships. She finally came to a conscious realization and asked herself, “do we as a couple serve each other?” “and in serving each other, are we supported to serve humanity?” As she sat with this question, a joyous “YES” melted her heart and she became clear. In that moment those words were all she needed.

Service is not only about giving; service is also about receiving with gratitude and grace. It comes full circle where in the end, the gratitude is in seeing and feeling the joy of another living being benefiting from an offering. The joy becomes addictive, almost contagious and we find ourselves wanting to serve and offer more so that we can feel our hearts expand beyond the limitations that often times hold us back.

The best part about sitting at the front desk working away on the computer here at Golden Bridge Yoga, is the moment those sliding doors open after class. The students come walking out with the most beautiful authentic smiles. With glowing faces, they exude so much confidence and in that 1 hour and 15 minute class their whole vibration changes. It’s amazing to see and the conversations that are had after class are always so positive and lifted. In providing a space for these teachings to be practiced I feel that it comes full circle, seeing and experiencing the benefits for the community and myself.

Healing this planet earth is not only about the actions of picking up a piece of trash or spending a month in Africa, it is also about remaining conscious and clear in your self. You choose your environments and communities. To be clear and clean in your mind and body is to be clear in your intentions, your communication and in doing so the people around you will be served.

I encourage you this week to take a deep look inside and ask yourself how you can be of service. Then go out there and find a way to offer something. Find that you are supported in your service, where in your offering you are receiving the joy of another.

Those who find they are always in service, make sure you are nurtured, for without self-care you cannot support the abundance that is your heart.

In the sprit of service join us Saturday, June 13th for our first annual Customer appreciation day in Santa Monica. 100% of all donations for classes that day will be given to the relief efforts in Nepal. We will also be partnering with Khalsa Peace Corp and with your help we will walk the streets of Santa Monica and Venice to serve the homeless fresh, warm vegetarian burritos!

Come be part of this global village we call Golden Bridge and enjoy serving and being served.

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With Love,

Hari Simran