Connections beyond your dreams

If we ever needed community it is now, a deep-rooted connection to the living beings around us and beyond. People are longing for connection and the experience of love that breaks the limitations, that is pure and real. Marriage, partnership, friendships, un-expected acquaintances… they are more than the verbal expression of commitment, they are the manifestation of spirit to experience what it is to love and be loved. Our world is calling for people to come together to heal this planet.

It is apparent and important in this Aquarian age that the human race come together in consciousness, kindness with intention of conserving and healing that which has been over-used, stripped, polluted or left unattended. The waters are running dry and the skies are calling out for a change, a revolution but this time the revolution must first be experienced inside to be effective. We must sit, take time and breathe ourselves into consciousness.

Our world is not so big, our brothers and sisters can be reached at the drop of a hat, all we need to do is turn on a phone, open the computer or better yet close our eyes and visualize, project and connect. Loneliness doesn’t exist in reality; there is no way with a beating heart and a pulse as you are always connected. In the past it took the persistence of protest, speaking out, marching through the streets to make a difference. These leaders and teachers who came before paved the path to self-realization where the march to freedom today begins the instant you close your eyes and let go. And when we close our eyes together, project our prayers as one there is no stopping the power of healing and manifestation.

When we start to shift our mindset to We verses Me the waters will begin to clear, the air to purify as the sweetness of the earth stabilizes, balances and shifts. Don’t be afraid to hold a hand, or tell another how much you love and respect them. Perhaps they need to hear it or perhaps you need to say it for healing something that has been broken or shattered. As if you are super gluing your pieces back together we must re-connect, the picture may not be the one you thought up or envisioned, but the perfection in the recovery will have the purpose to serve and bless us all.

Take the time as we step into the month of June, our summer solstice month to be in community. Go to a group yoga class, a party, a group hike. Or maybe that group trip you have been putting off for years. Take a pilgrimage with your community, the ones you connect with, who knows maybe you will find yourself at 3HO’s annual Summer Solstice in New Mexico or here at Golden Bridge for Gurmukh’s Summer Solstice workshop June 21st. Anywhere you find yourself, be sure to let go of expectation, open your heart to the gift of your surroundings and live in happiness, after all it is your birthright.


Hari Simran