June Numerology Forecast by Nam Hari

The month of June brings to light our innermost longings and desires, along with the awareness of where we feel blocked or thwarted in our emotional fulfillment. The number 6 (June) represents the issues of love, family, justice, and protection. There will be an overwhelming revealing taking place at this time, and what is being revealed is where we lie to ourselves in order to survive. It is certainly not fun when someone else lies to us; there is understandable disappointment and frustration. However, there is an entirely different dimension of emotional fallout when we have to stare at the cold hard truth of how we have been fooling ourselves all along. The internal dialogue to this might sound something like, “I always blamed my mother/father for my drug addiction, but now at 45 years old I can see that it’s my own lack of self respect that keeps me in this vicious cycle.” To have this type of awakening can actually be devastating, as it shifts the blame/anger cycle back to yourself.

As we are navigating this “Oh shit!” moment, it is imperative to seek out counsel and group energy. Talk to a friend, go to a support group, join a gym, or, go to the Summer Solstice retreat in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico. Then you’ll have all aforesaid bases covered! What you can cleanse and clear in this high mountain desert environment, with 2,000 people chanting, praying, and playing together, would otherwise take years of effort on your own. And nobody wants to be alone anymore.

Looking further into the dynamic landscape of this month, it is important to note that there are 6 “Flashpoint” days. These dates are the 6th, 8th, 15th, 17th, 24th, and 26th. On these days there will be upheaval and turmoil in the electromagnetic field of the Earth. This will have the effect of making people impulsive and irrational, with little awareness of the consequences of their behavior. Be careful while driving and maneuvering through all aspects of the physical plane (even an escalator). There will be surges in the Fire Element, so be careful while splashing that lighter fluid on the charcoal for the barbecue, and don’t fall asleep while lying on the beach at high noon. It could be you that’s barbecued.

There is a linked energy in the next 3 months of June, July and August, and this will require a specific adjustment for our movement through time and space. Being careless is no longer an option.

We will be heavily tested in the area of our relationships, and alliances will either pass or fail the test of the moment. Now, here is a key point, and if you can remember anything, remember this: The First Sutra of the Aquarian Age, “Remember the other person is you.” I know you may think this is sounds ridiculous, especially when you perceive them to be behaving so wrongly. However, if you can maintain a dialogue where each side is willing to listen to and acknowledge the other’s perspective, there will be a chance to create a common middle ground. If, for some reason, the other person is so intolerant that they refuse to listen to or validate your side in any way, it may be best to move on. And there will be a lot of “moving on” this summer. The good news in all of this is that as people are liberating themselves from what is no longer working, they will be swiftly aligning with those who are of a similar higher frequency. It is actually all about frequency now, and as the Aquarian Age transition unfolds it will become easier to “dial in” what it is we want.

Sort of like a cosmic home delivery service. Why get in your car, drive to the restaurant, wait, then drive back with your food, when you can just get on the right frequency and dial it in. Get it?

There is the potential for an experience of liberation at this time, and this is because of the number 5 in the Base calculation. Five is freedom, and we are all wanting to cut loose from a deep sense of the relentless restriction hindering our grand plan in life. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and in some places Rome is burning. This is the dichotomy of our present time and space. Would you like to move past this karmic interlock? Of course you would! One of the best and easiest meditations you can practice is the Laya Yoga Kriya.  It dismantles the illusions we have about ourselves and the perception of having a limited existence.

It’s back to basics time this summer, and a simple, pure approach to life will keep you on the high road of your own spiritual journey. It is difficult to help someone else if your own scene is in a “less than” place. Adjust your priorities to allow for maintaining a sense of well-being and calm. Then you can give from a space of abundance, and not depletion. In the words of Yogi Bhajan:

“The mind is given to me to protect, 
serve and save me;
to raise my honor; grace and status.”

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