“When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.”

“I don’t want to react that way anymore.” seems to be the theme these days. The mantra of “I want to be better, more aware”. Old patterns of reacting to situations are becoming tiresome and overwhelming. A “justified” reaction to someone else’s “justified” comment no longer feels right but instead weighs heavy on the heart.

So sometimes we react and get frustrated, perhaps it is not so horrible, perhaps the energy that encompass these feelings and reactions are opportunities for us to transform something, to change something to remove something from life that is no longer necessary. Life doesn’t always make sense and no matter how hard you try; thinking your way out of a problem will only drag you deeper in it. So what is the solution? How do we get rid of the side of us that is reactive and negative? Well, here is a little secret…You don’t get rid of it. You choose to go down a different path; you choose to transform it into something useful. With out the feelings of irritation, judgment, anger, and frustration you would not know compassion, strength, courage, kindness and openness.

A friend once said, “you never know what the person behind you in the grocery line has gone through. They may look like they have everything all together and figured out, but talk to them for 5 minutes and realize…” how true is that?

People’s lives are very dynamic, a look or touch could mean so many things and that is where the neutral mind serves. When there is no good or bad, right or wrong we are able to step outside of the “victim” role and find that in reality “the other person is you.” (YB). The greatest masters and teachers have gone through some of the most challenging experiences, been the most rebellious or shouted the most painful words at another. They had to learn, to grow to push the limits of the ego. With out any regrets for their life they live on to serve and be a vessel for divine healing.

We have the power and capacity to encompass and exude the essence of what it means to live from the heart.

It starts with accepting your whole self, the parts you love and the parts that make you crazy. Start by saying. “thank you for it all, for without the instability I would not know stability and the path to clarity”. Then dive deep into the practices you know will serve you and choose to be human, to not react every time you are triggered and experience how invigorating it is to conserve your energy.

Look up, see the heavens, the sky, Realize just how perfect you are and whatever life has to offer, take it with open arms. Don’t wait on a change; make the change here and now. Don’t be sorry for your personality and all it’s facets, rather understand the effect your presence has on the world and choose to leave a legacy of love, kindness and healing. We all have the support of the creator at our side, whatever we decide know that in that moment it is the best decision as it was made with the helping hand of the universe.

With love and a start to the best summer,

Hari Simran