July Numerology Forecast by Nam Hari

The month of July requires us to pause amidst the chaos of life, and retreat to a place of sanctuary. The number 7 represents the issues of personal space, elevation, and the intellect. Additionally 7 is the Aura, which is the electromagnetic field surrounding our body. Because of the stress level on the planet right now, we need to take a time out. Only then will we correctly discern and navigate the second half of the year. Even in the Super Bowl sporting event there is a half-time!

One of the issues we are considering now is, where is our energy going, and is it being well spent. This is connected to the overall number for the year, which adds up to an 8 (2+0+1+5=8). Number 8 is power, energy, and healing. We will be asking ourselves the question, “Am I gaining or losing energy through this person/situation?”

As a further component to this internal dialogue, we will have the experience of feeling suffocated by any conflict which has not resolved itself by the end of June. Because of the built-up tension in our relationships, we will likely want to blurt out, “I just need to get away from you!”

Get away you should, as this is the pivotal point in the year to re-group. There is a critical synchronistic connection between the numbers 6, 7, and 8 at this time. Number 6 is the Gift for the year (last two digits, 1+5=6), 7 is the month, and 8 the overall number for 2015. Six represents our Arc Line and issues of protection and purity. Seven is the Aura, and represents issues of trust. Eight is the Pranic Body, and represents our personal power. The key to July is to determine this: 

“Is my Arc Line correctly reading the environments so that my Aura

will only allow a trustworthy energy inside its field?

Once knowing this, my personal power is secure.”

You can write this on an orange piece of paper, and place it on your refrigerator or anywhere else it will catch your attention. As you re-set your psyche to this new flow of awareness, you will be able to successfully traverse the second half of the year.

One of the greater issues we are working through as a humanity now is our addiction to co-dependent relationships. Through a personal lesson in non-judgement, I stumbled upon a life changing experience. While at the Summer Solstice event in New Mexico we were in a wave of days that had temperatures in the high 90’s. At one point I said to myself, “That’s it, if I don’t take a break from this I will pass out.” So I slipped away to the coolness of a movie theater in Santa Fe. Interestingly enough, there was only one movie playing at the time I arrived, which was “Ex Machina.” Sure, I thought to myself, as long as it’s air-conditioned I’ll watch almost anything.

After seeing this movie I left the theater literally in an altered state. It was a profound depiction of a psychological profile called “Sociopath.” Not wanting to give away the plot or surprise ending, I would simply encourage you to see this movie if you have had a repeating pattern of attracting the same destructive relationships in your life. This film was nothing short of a revelation for me. Maybe you too.

Looking further into the themes of the number 7, let’s explore the higher ground of elevation. Sometimes elevation requires leaving a person or situation behind. This “leaving behind” creates a space of emptiness. How can we fill this space with something positive, so that we don’t backslide into what we just broke free of?

This answer is multifaceted. Number 7 relates to sound and music, so practicing a meditation where you are chanting aloud will help to elevate your spirits. Seven is also the Water Element, so getting out to the ocean, a lake, or swimming pool is a good way to release emotional energy.

The Water Element also relates to the fluids in our body, specifically through the blood and lymphatic system. When number 7 shifts to the Negative polarity it is resentful. Sweat out the resentment, and purify your blood and lymph system now, so you are not carrying toxic emotional debris into the second half of the year. Part of the reason that you keep attracting the same emotional crap, is that your physical body is holding the negative frequency of the past. So brew up the Yogi tea and sweat it out!

Sometimes we need to look one step ahead for the answers to our present situation, and one step ahead of 7 is number 8. Working with your Pranic Body via the breath and exercise is the way to expel any lingering grief. Also, through the science of the Bach Flower Essences, the Mustard tincture is specifically for grief.

This is an intense time on the planet; there is no way around this reality. However, by taking care of ourselves, and by gaining support through our spiritual tribe, we can keep our heads above water.

We have one more challenging month in August, and then the Autumn season provides a more auspicious time to boldly move forward and manifest our greater plans in life. By doing your spiritual homework first, you strongly position yourself for the winds of change that are just around the corner.

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