I am the light of my Soul. I am the essence in the depth of my heart

“You want to look beautiful? What you’re seeing in the mirror is the trend and tendency of the time. You never look in the mirror of your mind and into your soul.” - Yogi Bhajan

Life has an interesting way of offering us the opportunity in every moment to grow, move, shift and open. It is not human nature to remain “in a box” as they say. No, this is not the way humans live a happy, joyous life. We must learn to become limitless in the way we are open, in our love and in the way we receive.

Let us end this month of July with victory in our heart and a renewed sense of self that divine creation is here to serve You, and this creation is unconditional love.

Be beyond time and space. Relate to your body as a temple to serve your spirit, your soul and live free.

With Love and Sweetness,

Hari Simran