A Winter Solstice Poem by Yogi Bhajan

Winter Solstice is a time when the electromagnetic field of the earth and the flares of the sun are changing. We are part of this change, our bodies and our minds. The inner fire starts to dim and we can choose to go within to cultivate what we hold inside. It is a special and sacred time to be in a restorative and nurturing space. Read More

Sharing Beyond the Screen

I go on my social media and all I see is sad news about the world. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that people care enough to share this stuff. I am hopeful because it seems as though people are starting to wake up and realize that humanity needs to shift. But it is also important to be reminded (me included) that “sharing” on social media is only one very small part of the solution. The bigger part is getting out of our own lives more often and helping those in need. Not just our friends and family, but the beings that extend beyond our circle. Read More

Digesting the Holidays

Feeling the discomfort of digestion that just isn’t working well: bloating, sluggishness, constipation or heart burn? Are you unsure of what to eat and how to find balance with your digestion? Many people struggle with various types of digestive upset and in Ayurveda, (the ancient East Indian science of medicine and lifestyle) digestion is key to complete health and wellbeing. Digestion is both mental and physical; one’s ability to process experiences, emotions and past traumas greatly effect the body and especially the stomach. Read More