Sharing Beyond the Screen

I go on my social media and all I see is sad news about the world. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that people care enough to share this stuff. I am hopeful because it seems as though people are starting to wake up and realize that humanity needs to shift. But it is also important to be reminded (me included) that “sharing” on social media is only one very small part of the solution. The bigger part is getting out of our own lives more often and helping those in need. Not just our friends and family, but the beings that extend beyond our circle.

When we truly serve with no intention to get, we are filled beyond belief. It is different helping someone you do not know. It takes a different part of you to show up, the selfless part. The part of you that has no ego, and just love. The part of you that is connected to all, soul to soul, human to human. This is how we will return to our humanity.

So please step out from behind the screen, and come share your presence; your warm eyes, and your big heart. Share with your time and your effort. I promise you will gain so much more then you give.

With all the love in my heart. Happy Holiday season!


Looking for a way to give back this holiday?

Golden Bridge Santa Monica is partnering up with Khalsa Peace Corps (KPC) Share A Meal for a charity class and a homeless personal hot meal service. See what we’ll be doing here: WATCH VIDEO

Saturday, December 5th
Yoga – 10:00 am with Wah – Donation class ($ to KPC)
Kids Yoga – 10:00 am with Celia – Donation (ages 5 and up – $ to KPC)
Food prep on KPC food truck – 11:00 am until we are done!
Food service on streets of Santa Monica to follow