Jupiter in Virgo & Venus Retrograde in the News

On August 10/11 Jupiter moved into Virgo and will stay there for 13 months. Whenever a new astrological phenomenon takes place, just like the case of a "new kid in the block," the novel aspect is very prominent in the first few weeks of the cosmic transition. Below are a few things that took place right when Jupiter, the planet of expansion, knowledge, inflation moved into Virgo, the sign of herbs, plants, diet, food, nutrition, and work. Read More

Activating The Miraculous

“When the prayer become the vibration of the soul, mind, and self we can create a miracle” ~ Yogi Bhajan When we change our energy fields, we change our lives. Our radiance attracts the miraculous by harmonizing with our heart’s vibrations. Our thoughts and feelings projected into our energy fields create our realities. Read More