Jupiter in Virgo & Venus Retrograde in the News


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On August 10/11 Jupiter moved into Virgo and will stay there for 13 months. Whenever a new astrological phenomenon takes place, just like the case of a "new kid in the block," the novel aspect is very prominent in the first few weeks of the cosmic transition. Below are a few things that took place right when Jupiter, the planet of expansion, knowledge, inflation moved into Virgo, the sign of herbs, plants, diet, food, nutrition, and work.

  • Putin continues to flawlessly play the role of the global villain. He ordered his cronies to burn, blow up, bury and bulldozer 350 tons of seized food as part of his crackdown on his ban of European food. I understand Putin has some unresolved karmic issues with Europe, but why not take the food and give it for free to the 23 million Russians living in poverty? A Muscovite by the name of Olga Saveleva is being a good channel of Virgo, the Lady of Harvest, and has collected over 340,000 signatures asking the government to distribute it to the poor.
  • On August 10, Google announced it would rename and reorganize itself into a giant holding called "Alphabet." Virgo rules organizing and Jupiter, the giant planet of the Solar System, rules anything gigantic. Also, all this REorganization is happening while Venus is REtrograding. As I’ve mentioned before, Venus retrograde is a time to reconsider our values, finance, talents and money structure.
  • On August 10, astronauts aboard the International Space Station were the first to feast on food harvested in space (it was red lettuce). Virgo is after all the lady of harvest. If all goes well, next Jupiter in Virgo, it will be getting high high above earth with marijuana harvested in space.
  • On August 10 Colorado and New Mexico as well as the Navajo nation declared states of Emergency after 3 million gallons of toxic waste was spilled into Aminas river. Virgo is purification and is also associated with chemicals as well as with mines where these toxins originated.
  • On August 11, Amnesty International officially recommended the global decriminalization of prostitution. They reasoned that it will help empower sex workers, reduce trafficking and limit STDs (Time Magazine). Classic case of Venus retrograde with a mix of Virgo - the sacred prostitute.