Inspiration as a Mother, Teacher and Student-The Khalsa Way Prenatal Teacher Traning, by Jennifer Marcaccini

I'm feeling so inspired after teaching and assisting in the Khalsa Way Prenatal program in January at Golden Bridge Yoga Santa Monica. It was humbling to serve, connect and just be part of this beautiful community led by Gurmukh and Sarah Kamrath. What a juicy experience it was to be surrounded by women who were learning, growing and evolving to the best version of themselves. I was reminded about our peaceful power. It is our inner strength that allows us to win the war before the battle. Ladies, we must take pause and connect daily to this strength. Our knowing is our power. Our strength is our ability to know what is best for our bodies, our births, our children and our families. Read More

Just Say YES!

Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a La La Land far, far away, I was presented with a ginormous TV show opportunity. I got the hard sell as to what big name was involved, and how I would benefit by being under this studio's wing. It sounded exciting, yet I knew in my heart of hearts it would be disastrous. The person who came to me with this was someone who I instantly mistrusted, and truthfully, just someone I couldn't stand (forgive me lawd, it's true). The show idea was divisive, with no integrity whatsoever. I just felt that the whole thing was steeped in darkness. Intuitively, I knew this project would be a bust and would go NO where. My whole body defensively screamed, "Run Forrest run!!" Read More