Inspiration as a Mother, Teacher and Student-The Khalsa Way Prenatal Teacher Traning, by Jennifer Marcaccini

I'm feeling so inspired after teaching and assisting in the Khalsa Way Prenatal program in January at Golden Bridge Yoga Santa Monica. It was humbling to serve, connect and just be part of this beautiful community led by Gurmukh and Sarah Kamrath. What a juicy experience it was to be surrounded by women who were learning, growing and evolving to the best version of themselves. I was reminded about our peaceful power. It is our inner strength that allows us to win the war before the battle. Ladies, we must take pause and connect daily to this strength. Our knowing is our power. Our strength is our ability to know what is best for our bodies, our births, our children and our families.

I was moved each day of the program being reminded of all the ways that we (women, mothers, sisters, aunts) help to heal the plant. Yogi Bhajan, said "The solutions on this Earth are in the hands of the woman, in the psyche of the woman." Our responsibility is great but our capacity is greater. I was so inspired and touched when watching the DVD series, Happy Healthy Child. Everything and much more then I mention here is contained in these CDs. They were used in the training and are an excellent resource for childbirth education. I was especially moved by the words of Peggy O'Mara, an award winning journalist. She provided a job description for parenthood. It is as follows:

  • "Develop the emotional and mental capacity of an entire generation.
  • Potential to inexorably effect the quality of life on the planet.
  • Potential to improve the environment, ensure world peace, eliminate nuclear war.
  • Job is like no other, yet will prepare you for anything.
  • May hasten enlightenment.
  • The value of the job is beyond money so payment is made in memories, self esteem and personal transformation.
  • Individuals are handpicked for this position." - Peggy O'Mara

Ladies, everyone has an opinion, but no one has your knowing. Our job is big. We have the ability to create a better humanity. Tap into your own power. It is that clear voice that we hear only when we are really listening. It can sometimes feel scary as the voice guides to places that fall beyond what is considered normal. Find community that supports and inspires this inner voice that helps to build your strength. Put down your phone, turn off social media, close down google, shut your eyes and breathe. With each breath connect to that space inside you that holds all your wisdom. The wisdom and all knowing that has been with you for lifetimes.

Join Jennifer in community every Tuesday at Golden Bridge Yoga Santa Monica ~ Prenatal at 10:45am and Mommy and Me at 12:30pm
Also, join Gurmuk and Sarah for the Khalsa Way Prenatal Teacher Training at Golden Bridge Yoga NYC ~ May 7th-14th, 2016