The Art of Commitment, by Hari Simran

“Commitment will give you character; character will give you divinity; divinity will give you dignity; dignity will give you grace; grace will give you power to sacrifice; power to sacrifice will give you happiness.” Yogi Bhajan’s 7 laws of happiness. The first step to these 7 laws of happiness is Commitment, and perhaps the most challenging of all; it is the only step in which a conscious decision has to be made using self discipline and patience. Once there is a commitment and a consistent practice, the last 6 steps will follow and serve you. Read More


There is a prevailing wind that is driving a singular question this month, and that question is, “Will I be creative, or will I be angry?” The number 3 of March, in the positive polarity, embodies the themes of joy, creativity, and an expansive social energy. There are new friends and connections to be made if you keep your smiling face forward to the day. Read More