There is a prevailing wind that is driving a singular question this month, and that question is, “Will I be creative, or will I be angry?” The number 3 of March, in the positive polarity, embodies the themes of joy, creativity, and an expansive social energy. There are new friends and connections to be made if you keep your smiling face forward to the day.

As Numerology is a science, we must factor in the negative polarity of the number 3, and this is where things can get a little scary. The number 3 is one of the more emotional numbers by nature, so when it goes negative it is angry, destructive, and can have an almost hallucinogenic quality in it’s perception of what is happening. Let me give you an example of how this might play out.

You walk into a coffee shop, and the gentleman ahead of you orders a cup of coffee to go. The counter person asks the man, “Would you like Regular or Decaf, Sir?” To which the man replies, “What do you mean “Regular or Decaf?” Are you saying that I look like I’ve had too much caffeine, you think I look jittery or something? Where the Hell do you get off asking such a personal question anyway?”

Yes, in the month of March, it can get that crazy. What’s the solution? Your best approach is to avoid or swiftly (that means fast) disengage from the situation. There is a “misery loves company” element to this month, and you could wind up feeling like you’ve been hit by an emotionally toxic garbage truck if you keep your Auric field open to complaint and dissent. Create an escape plan for yourself by having a “ready excuse” that allows you to move away from the careening chaos that is on the loose throughout this time. Your Ready Excuse might be, “This sounds so important, and you really need to speak with someone about it; right now I need to pick up my friend’s dog from the vet.” Remember, be creative.

Everything is speeding up this year, which is connected to number 9, the overall number for 2016. Number 9 can behave with a relentless intensity, and many people are feeling, “It just doesn’t let up anymore.” That is true, we are on a new vibrational frequency, and everything has speeded up. Someone recently said to me, “I met this great guy, and the relationship was over in 2 weeks.”

Yes, that is now how quickly we can process a relationship if it is not meant to be. You no longer have to linger in a lost land of fantasy and unfulfilled longing. Hit the delete button and move on. This is not mean or cruel, you are simply “moving the progression forward.” The idea of moving the progression forward actually relates to physics, and the “Law of Attraction.” By freeing someone else from their illusion of what they think you should be for them, you also allow them to move forward. Of course, if it were only so neat and tidy in reality.

Spring is just around the corner, and this is a brilliant time to do a liver cleanse. Number 3 is the liver, and right now your liver is saying, “Please, help me cleanse, I want to get rid of the emotional baggage.” Can you hear your liver? I can.The numbers 3 (month) and 9 (year) are both of the Fire Element. Number 9 has a cross-over to the Ether Element, and this is because it represents the Subtle Body.

So, for the month of March we have a double-fire intensity at play. This means you need to be very careful with anything connected to fire, electricity, and machinery. Do not let things overheat, including your car, computer or cell phone. You may have to buy a new one if you neglect to follow this advice. Of course this will affect people’s emotions as well, and we covered that bit of advice previously.

The entire planet is now heating up; this is a scientific fact. Keep yourself cool by havingremedies at hand to balance the Fire Element. I never used to like iced beverages, and now I always have five ice cubes trays in the freezer. I use spring water for the ice cubes, and I add “Rescue Remedy,” a Bach Flower Essence, to the spring water first.

Then I’m chill’in and healing at the same time! On a positive note, this month brings the premier of the movie “Miracles from Heaven.” This film is based on a true story, and I personally think we all need a little inspiration right now. Number 3 is the Positive Mind, and we must all now hold a positive sense of
possibility for ourselves. No matter what anything may look like on the surface, there is always a space and time for a personal miracle.

Know that the Heavens love you, and a Guardian Angel hovers ever so near by, shining a beam of purity and protection to keep you safe and smiling. Sat Nam.

“In the morning, unto the Infinity of God say:
“Thank you, I am part of it.”
Give God a chance to love you, to help you,
to be with you.”
Yogi Bhajan 4-24-97

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