The Art of Commitment, by Hari Simran


Join Hari Simran for her workshop Art of Commitment – Ayurveda and Kundalini Yoga at Golden Bridge Yoga Santa Monica on Saturday, March 26th, 330pm – 530pm

“Commitment will give you character; character will give you divinity; divinity will give you dignity; dignity will give you grace; grace will give you power to sacrifice; power to sacrifice will give you happiness.” Yogi Bhajan’s 7 laws of happiness.

The first step to these 7 laws of happiness is Commitment, and perhaps the most challenging of all; it is the only step in which a conscious decision has to be made using self discipline and patience. Once there is a commitment and a consistent practice, the last 6 steps will follow and serve you.

In a world where choices are abundant and time is of the essence, finding a path of commitment can be challenging. From our jobs to our daily yoga practice, staying steady, grounded and rooted is important for health and prosperity.

We are living in a fast paced, connected world where the daily routines of a yogi living even 25 years ago may not fully apply to the yogi living today. So how do we remain committed to the practices that support a healthy body and a clear mind while holding multiple jobs, projects, relationships and family? How do we avoid getting swayed and pulled in every direction with so much information and choice?

 The answer is simple. We must take these ancient tools of conscious living that were created thousands of years ago and apply them to our lives in this day and age. It is as simple as committing to 40 days of life without coffee or 2 weeks without saying one negative word. Yes! these are real yogic practices which keep you feeling positive, young and vital. Being a Yogi does not mean you sit for hours in silence meditating on the breath or take pilgrimages to ancient lands. There are many simple elements you can fit into your daily life as first steps to help you magnify the consciousness that lives inside.

We tend to overwhelm ourselves thinking about the abundant choices of daily practices and routines we could commit to. Instead take a moment and recognize the big changes that occur from the small commitments that are made everyday. Perhaps it is as simple as “I will not think negatively today,” or “I will take 3 minutes to myself in silence." These “small” commitments make Big impacts on our lives and on the lives around us. They give the experience of discipline and constancy and without much effort, without a second thought we begin to develop deeper more constant commitments in relationships, with our jobs, to our children and our communities. The stability and confidence of our words become powerful truth. 

It takes only time and patience backed by your willingness and courage to develop lasting, deep commitment that leads all the way to happiness.

It is the first days of spring in 2016. Spring represents renewal, perspective, and the blossoming of our creativity. I invite you to join me Saturday, March 26th at Golden Bridge Yoga Santa Monica for a special Ayurveda and Kundalini Yoga workshop. We will learn and understand the basics of Ayurveda, yoga and commitment. We will learn, mediate, move our bodies and walk away with practical tools to support us in living a lifestyle of a modern day yogi.