I started sweating as soon as I heard this…(on how to do impossible things), by Sally Hope (GB Teacher Trainee)

It was right after our two hour lunch and I heard some grumblings with some of the Master Kundalini Teacher Trainers. It was more of a passing comment than a whisper, she was definitely not trying to keep it a secret. But what I heard sent me into a bit of a sweat and a slight panic. These words might not mean that much to you (yet), but to me, I KNEW what was just around the corner when I heard “62 minutes of Sat Kriya.” Read More

I Created ‘Grief Yoga’ Because the Body Remembers the Pain We’ve Felt, By Paul Denniston

“Men don’t cry, toughen up and be strong.” As a shy kid growing up in Southern Texas, I was taught that sadness was a sign of weakness. I never felt like I fit in. I would isolate myself from others. That disconnection happened socially, but also physically too. I began to overeat and drown my feelings. I avoided gym class for the fear of being ridiculed. Read More


“Be careful what you pray for, because it just might come true,” could be the motto for the month of April. Our words have an amplified power of potency at this time, and this power can be used for better or worse. Read More

On organized life – what does it have to do with Yoga and Meditation? by Rainer Perry

Is there a constant mess somewhere in your life that needs serious cleaning? In your professional life? Is it the way you handle your tasks and priorities, your electronic files, a feeling that you are always late or wasting time? In your relationships or financial world? Or is it more physical: in your living room, your closet, or under the sink? Read More

The Animal Within, by Jarrod Mayer

My wife, Melody, and I have been on an interesting path. Our road to Kundalini Yoga began through a survival training in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey about five years ago. This training taught us how to live in any environment, in any part of the world, at any time of the year. It showed us how to track animals, make fire, use primitive cooking techniques, find wild edibles, tan hides, flint arrowheads, and much more. We were even taught how to understand the emotional state of an animal by the track that it left in the earth. Read More