On organized life – what does it have to do with Yoga and Meditation? by Rainer Perry


Join Rainer for his workshop Yoga for Organizing Your Life at Golden Bridge Yoga NYC on Thursday, April 14th, 630pm – 930pm

Is there a constant mess somewhere in your life that needs serious cleaning? In your professional life? Is it the way you handle your tasks and priorities, your electronic files, a feeling that you are always late or wasting time? In your relationships or financial world? Or is it more physical: in your living room, your closet, or under the sink? 

You’re not alone, of course, if the answer is yes, and for most of us a mess lurks in more than one area of our lives. But what do these mundane situations have to do with yoga? Isn’t being organized - the kind of structure you expect in a world where efficiency and productivity are wanted - something that contradicts a yogic lifestyle with its emphasis on freedom and organic flow? The picture of a yogi in an organized environment, like a corporation or an office, can seem strange.

The answer to this question about yoga and everyday life is the connection between a person’s inner world and outer reality. Yogic philosophy says that what is inside of us is also outside of us. And more specifically: that our inner life creates what is around us, that the outer reality, the physical world, is merely a reflection of our inner landscape. If, for example, you generally feel peaceful inside, there will be few conflicts and arguments with the people and places around you, and your home is secure and stable. If, however, you feel constantly overwhelmed and frustrated, you will be surrounded by situations and relationships that are demanding and difficult to sort out. 

Understanding this is one of the profound revelations of a conscious life, and many of us are waking up to this new consciousness – it’s one reason we are drawn to yoga and meditation, which are nothing less than technologies for becoming more awake and creating space for the new consciousness to unfold. 

With this understanding comes a complete 180 of the way we operate in the world: No longer merely reacting to the events that happen on the outside, but creating a new world inside of us first, which then affects the events around us. That’s one of the foundations of a conscious life, the creative power of the human consciousness – and it’s beautiful and liberating.

This brings us back to the mundane things in our life, like a mess in the kitchen drawer. Yes, that, too, is a reflection of your inner life, just like the rest of your home, professional and personal space. Disorganization in any part of your life is a direct result of the activity of your consciousness – a jumpy mind, lack of focus, insecurity, indecisiveness, and many other factors – in other words: the quality of your applied consciousness. Show me your house, and I’ll tell you how your mind functions – I find this statement very truthful.

The good news: Spiritual work offers more powerful tools to clean up any mess than the traditional ones. Instead of those solutions that work from the outside - physical and mental labor like scrubbing or willpower - the most powerful of all is available in the form of spiritual work like yoga and meditation. Clean up your inner world by purifying and restructuring your mind, and your outer world will reflect it with new organization, efficiency, and beauty.

Spiritual work is also hard work – but its effects are different and reach further. A good physical cleaning will last only until the mess is back and it’s time for the same cleaning. Spiritual cleansing removes the roots of all kinds of disorganization and mental blocks. The resulting organization and calmness in the look and feel of the outer world is no longer temporary, it’s permanent – and the ripples are felt everywhere in the new physical world structure that will manifest around it.

Kundalini Yoga is a goldmine of tools for reorganization of the mind for greater beauty and joy in your life. Many of the kriyas and meditations are specific applications for new structure in your inner and outer lives – and always with the ultimate goal of health, happiness and prosperity.

The workshop Yoga for Organizing Your Life introduces some of the gems from the teachings for this particular kind of cleaning. Please join us at Golden Bridge Yoga NYC on Thursday, April 14th, 630 pm – 930 pm.