Radiant Power of Women at Golden Bridge Yoga Santa Monica, by Wahe Khalsa

Radiant Power of Women: Heart to Heart ~ Creating Connection This is the first time we are offering Radiant Power of Women in Santa Monica, CA. When we first started talking about where we wanted to bring women together to share this experience we thought exotic: Mexico, Greece, beach, sun, sand… and then we realized that we live in one of the most exotic and spiritually rich places already, Santa Monica! We decided to go no further… We have a beautiful studio by the sea and why not just gather here! Why not build a local tribe of sisters right here in our own community! Read More

May Numerology Forecast

The month of May requires a new level of game to navigate successfully. Any place in our lives which has been resistant to change and evolution will feel challenged. There will be the tendency to expect others to shift their priorities to match our own, and yet, they may be expecting the same of you. Read More