July Numerology Forecast

The month of July is a time of tempest and turmoil, arguably the most challenging month of the year. People’s hearts are at a breaking point, and there is an undercurrent of distrust and intense dissatisfaction within the collective psyche on planet Earth. Read More


The month of June inspires the desire to bring a light of Truth into our lives. We will be experiencing a focused intensity in our heart, which speaks, “I want to get to the bottom of this!” No more wishy-washy half-truths. We want the full spectrum of information, so we can resolve our situation. Read More

The Art of Daily Routine, by Hari Simran

Life is a dance, and we can develop a rhythm in order to move with the flow of its constant changes. This is the Art and profound science of Daily Routine. A routine does not need to take up the whole day or overwhelm you with another list of things to do. A healthy routine is molded into your daily life just like taking a shower, eating a meal or taking a deep breath. With the intention of developing balanced routine practices, we are truly living in respect, trust and deep, unconditional love. Read More