What a year it has been. Barely a Soul unscathed by upheaval and turmoil. Why so? Number 9 being the Universal Cycle number for the overall year of 2016 has brought a wave of cleansing, completion, and release. If it is not meant to be, it is going, going, gone. Read More


November has a near mystical quality in it’s power to reveal the roots of what is blocking our ability move forward in a clear and decisive way. Our higher self wants the clarity, while our commotional side may have a moment of rebellion. There is an intense duality at play, and this is occurring because of a uniquely unique numerical configuration this month. We may never see the likes of this again. Read More


Good news, we’re off on a jet stream of creative potential for the last 3 months of 2016. We’ve done our cleansing and clearing, and now it’s time to unfurl the sails and set our new dreams and visions into motion; catching the rhythm of the fresh new energy on the planet. Read More

How The Five Day Digestion Detox Re-Shaped My Life

“I am asking you to be committed so that you can have self-confidence, self-projection, so that you can create a strong enough magnetic field that you can be graceful, dignified and noble.” Yogi Bhajan Read More

September Numerology Forecast

The month of September is the “breakaway” month for the calendar year of 2016. We will have the opportunity to explore our deepest emotional ties, as well as consider who and what we are aligning ourselves with for future endeavors. Read More

Getting High on Sound, by Yogi Brent

There are many ways to recharge in a short amount of time, but a Gong sound bath meditation is one of the most pleasurable. The sensation of floating, of energy moving through your body, tingling, temperature changes, sonic skin massage, and being transported to another time and place. These are some of the possible side effects of a gong sound bath. Read More

August Numerology Forecast

Good news, we have now entered a time of opportunity, growth, and expansion on planet Earth. There are winds of good fortune available to us throughout the month, and I will explain how you can best take advantage of this positive climate shift. Read More

July Numerology Forecast

The month of July is a time of tempest and turmoil, arguably the most challenging month of the year. People’s hearts are at a breaking point, and there is an undercurrent of distrust and intense dissatisfaction within the collective psyche on planet Earth. Read More


The month of June inspires the desire to bring a light of Truth into our lives. We will be experiencing a focused intensity in our heart, which speaks, “I want to get to the bottom of this!” No more wishy-washy half-truths. We want the full spectrum of information, so we can resolve our situation. Read More

The Art of Daily Routine, by Hari Simran

Life is a dance, and we can develop a rhythm in order to move with the flow of its constant changes. This is the Art and profound science of Daily Routine. A routine does not need to take up the whole day or overwhelm you with another list of things to do. A healthy routine is molded into your daily life just like taking a shower, eating a meal or taking a deep breath. With the intention of developing balanced routine practices, we are truly living in respect, trust and deep, unconditional love. Read More