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Authentic Relationships

“Yoga is not just stretching your legs doing exercise. Recognize and reconcile that it is a relationship to make three into one and one into three -- soul, mind, and body, body, mind, and soul -- into the unison experience of Godliness.”

     —Yogi Bhajan

What we are trying to do is not live at each other, not to live with each other, but to live for each other.”

     —Yogi Bhajan

Course Description

There is a beauty and dignity in all relationships.

Are you finding it? Or, is the joy and the fulfillment of relationships elusive?

The Mahan Tantric Master Yogi Bhajan left us many previously secret treasure teachings on the art of relating. Integrate authentic relationships into your life and your teaching. Explore and understand how we form, sustain and honor relationships. Our success as Kundalini Yoga teachers and as conscious human beings depends on our capacity to be authentic and respond from our hearts; our primary objective is to examine our relationships and improve our effectiveness, authenticity and awareness within them.

Key Topics

  • Explore what an authentic relationship is and what it’s not
  • Relate to your soul as the foundation for authentic relationships
  • Understand the special challenges that long-term relationships and marriage face in the Aquarian Age
  • Identify the common ways we make relationships fail
  • Develop self-love as a key to authentic relationships
  • Identify our core paradox and transform it from problem to opportunity
  • Create a conscious relationship with your own masculine and feminine energies
  • Develop Sacred Community

Use awareness, contemplation and meditation to revision your relationship to self and other. Forgive the past and heal the present. Release yourself from the wounds of love and begin to live authentically. Recognize the patterns that keep you from expressing your true Self and create a new template: give and receive love from abundance, consciousness and ease.

This Level 2 Training course will give you the experience of new ways of perceiving yourself, others, and your environments. It will open you to the simplicity of limitless perception where the magical ways of love are found. The Authentic Relationships Course experience breaks through the blocks preventing you from experiencing interconnectedness. It helps heal the illusion of isolation and separation. This transformational experience will provide you with the tools that can help you integrate authentic relationships into your life. Deepen your current relationships and change so you can find and enjoy new and better relationships.

The course covers the following aspects of relationships:


  • The Experience of Authentic Relationships
  • Love and the Infinite Game of Life
  • The Law of Polarity in Relationships
  • Living as Your Authentic Self
  • Divine Delight and the Play of Masculine and Feminine
  • Legacy and Lineage: Passing on Grace and Consciousness

We are connected to everything in the creation and we exist in connection to everyone and everything else. Our greatest illusion is feeling we are somehow separated, isolated or hidden from others. That sense of separation is a tool well-wielded by our ego for its own purposes of defense, control, fear and defeat.

Relationships can be just a connection. Or they can be a deeper reflection of our core process as a human being- to fulfill and complete your soul and personality. Experiencing relationships with this sensitivity gives you more perspectives, choices and awareness of the effect of each of your actions. This sense of Authentic Relationship with your self and all others requires intuition, depth and caliber. Heighten your existence. Learn to connect on deep, expanded levels. Let your own intrinsic wisdom become your guiding force. Enter a realm of utter and thorough reality -- pure, profound and complete.

And in this everlasting newness of relating, find constant and consistent happiness. This is the path of the yogi. Enjoying and Being. Please join us on this journey of change and let all the brilliance, gentleness and precision of relating be at your command.

Level 2 Authentic Relationships Teacher Training at Golden Bridge Yoga


Authentic Relationships

Belgrade, Serbia

October 24th - 29th, 2017

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1x Double Room and Board


1x Double Room and Board

2. Course Schedule

Training sessions are all day.
Daily start and finish times will be provided to you closer to the scheduled time of course.
Schedule and times subject to change.

3. Refund Policy

To withdraw from the course before it begins we must receive your request in writing. Requests to withdraw received by Sept 30th, 2017 are eligible for a refund, minus a $300 USD processing fee. After Sept 30th, 2017, there will be no refunds.

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