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Manjushree Orphanage

This orphanage was opened on 30th, October 1998 with an obvious and distinct intention of serving the deprived and disadvantaged children of the society irrespective of religion, caste, community, tribe, gender etc.

We started with 17 orphans with three teachers from far-flung villages of this area in the year 1998. It is the first orphanage of its kind in whole area. In the beginning, one building was constructed to accommodate 17 orphans and 3 teaching staff. Army authority of the area had come forward to help the orphanage. Since then the number of orphans and destitute grow in geometric progression and the income of the orphanage in arithmetic progression. As a result, we are unable to admit many helpless orphans and neglected children.

The children who have lost their parents, the children who are destitute and dependent, and the children who have been born disabled or become disabled due to accident make up the family members of this orphanage.

Where they are provided with all the necessities of lives along with proper education and appropriate guidance to make them competent for facing various confrontations of lives.

At present, the orphanage is home to 108 children 80 orphans, 18 destitute and 10 physical disabled children from different social background. However, most of the children hail from this remote region. After coming here, they have started to relive their lives leaving their horrifying and disappointing past behind and they have begun to learn to tread forward with confidence and dignity. They live here as a different member of a single family, where every one is treated on equal terms.

We run a school inside our orphanage up to 5th grades. In the school, students are taught different subjects such as English, Math, Hindi, Tibetan, Science, Social Studies etc. 8 qualified teachers are engaged in imparting education to the orphans. Those who pass the 5th grade go to other school as day scholars but stay in the orphanage. Right now 25 students go to other school from our orphanage.

Besides, the residents are provided modern education, and equipped with moral values to help them become a better human being. The mental and physical growths of the residents and to help them possess a kind heart are given paramount importance. The orphanage has left no stone unturned to return back the smile they had lost.

So in all, the orphanage in itself has learnt to exist as very well knit family enriched with love, peace and knowledge and tranquility despite of many ups and downs. But in a way Manjushree family and I are indeed very thankful to all those great people who have been supporting us in one way or other without whose contributions we would not have reached this far.

We started this orphanage with one building having eight rooms. These rooms are still being used as classrooms, office and two rooms have been allotted to the boys as hostel and the hostel is very crowded, sharing a bed by two boys. There is another hostel for girls, which has been started construction last three four years back. However, due to paucity of fund could not complete the first floor of the building. The ground floor is completed and it is under occupation and the first floor of girl?s hostel building will be complete very soon and temporarily the boys are shafting into it.

The expenditure of the first floor of girls hostel has been fund raised with donations from various individuals and prominent among them FMVOS (Friends of Manjushree Vidyapith orphans school) London, UK.

Our most of the teachers are trained but the orphanage is not in a position to provide them regular pay scale. We pay them honorarium for their dedicated service. We would like to request our friends and philanthropist who are interested to help pay the salary one teaching staff, which will greatly ease the financial burden on the orphanage. The monthly payment for one teacher will cost USD 150(Hundred and fifty US dollars) only. Rs: 6500/-(Six thousand five hundred) only.

There is a constant rise in its roll every year and the children are growing up. Therefore, keeping in view the increasing number of orphans and the present accommodation problem, the proposal for construction of a boy?s hostel with provision for three teacher?s rooms 2 caretakers? room, 2 storerooms and toilet-bath blocks.

We hope, with our vision of making these children perfect citizens of this world will pay greater dividend in the form of universal peace, universal harmony and universal brotherhood & sisterhood.

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