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Gurmukh began by teaching in her home in 1992. Students would gather in the living room and practice, then enjoy tea after class on her couch. Eventually their home became too small, so she and her husband Gurushabd opened their first Golden Bridge Yoga studio on 3rd Street in Los Angeles. It was a sweet small studio, but again they eventually outgrew the space and moved to a new location in Hollywood. In the heart of Hollywood they stayed for 8 years. It was a beautiful time, planting seeds for the Kundalini community in the middle of the “lights and action.” Opening a second studio in New York City in 2008, they began to travel back and forth to share the teachings on both coasts of the United States...


Alo Moves

Gurmukh on the Road

Gurmukh was born Mary May Gibson in a small Illinois town. At age nineteen, she left her home and headed west. She was always a seeker from a young age, not really clear what she was seeking until she found her teacher Yogi Bhajan and her calling in 1970. She met Yogi Bhajan in Los Angeles...

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Teacher Training

Golden Bridge believes that students can truly deepen their own spiritual path by becoming a teacher and serving their communities. To become a teacher is a powerful, uplifting and rewarding experience; to teach is to transcend the self and move beyond ego, giving yourself over to the teachings for the benefit of uplifting and empowering your students...