What we do

Seva is the spiritual practice of selfless service.

It is one of the simplest, most profound and life changing ways that we can
put our spiritual practice into action.

What we do

At Seva we support projects and acts of love, care and compassion that help people in need from Los Angeles to South Africa to India and Tibet. These projects including bringing food and medical care to Tibetan orphans in the Himalayas; caring for children who are suffering from HIV and AIDS in South Africa; organizing food, blankets or ten thousand pairs of socks for the homeless in Los Angeles; and teaching yoga and meditation to at risk teenagers.

Seva projects are started by individuals who are inspired to serve by something they have experienced, witnessed or read about and by a desire to serve. Often they begin as small scale projects with low overhead – where the dollars, resources and service go directly to those in need. They are run by volunteers with a passion to do Seva and make an impact in the world that grows out of their own spiritual or religious practice, yoga or meditation – knowing that the greatest gift of all goes to those who perform Seva.

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Featured Projects

  • Manjushree Orphanage

    • May, 2009
    • Tawang, India

    Founded by Lama Thupten Phuntsok, a Tibetan Monk, the orphanage now houses 141 children and is growing. His goal is to be able to care for a total of 250 children…

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